Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pass the Salt Please

I put forth a lot of effort to get my family to sit down to dinner together.  With a husband who works swing shifts and a toddler who goes to sleep for the night by 6:45 it isn't easy.  It is however, worth it.

I try to plan my meals around the shift work thing.  I cook more elaborate meals on nights Dustin gets home at 7:15, feasts on days off (when I'm not begging for take out) and easier meals when dinner is served at 5:00 so that he can leave for night shift.  I must confess, though I miss my husband when he's working nights, its the early meals that I love.  I mean, what Mom doesn't love having the family fed, dishes done, and kitchen cleaned before 6 pm???

Tonight was one of those nights.  Tacos around the table.  Evie was smearing cheese and salsa in her hair and Dustin was trying to get James settled at the table. I was pouring drinks and fixing my plate at the kitchen counter. That's when I overheard this:  "Dad, it's not good to be mean.  Jesus will still love you if you are mean, he just won't be happy about it. Daddy, do you want to make him sad?  Just try to be nicer, okay?"  I only wish I'd heard the rest of the conversation.  I will say this.  It was one of those "ahah!" moments that we as parents get.  One of those rare and validating moments when we know our children are listening too us, for better or for worse.

This got me thinking, how much else is my three year old getting?  I mean, I talk enough for ten people and assume I'm getting tuned out a lot of the time.  How much has this little booger banked in him little mind?  Dustin is off this weekend.  Maybe James can share a little more wisdom over a baked chicken.

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  1. So glad that James has picked up on God's unconditional love.